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Being a victim is usually not a choice. On the other hand, helping victims is.

Human Rights Caribbean (HRC) has been established for this particular purpose on November 29, 2018. We are a non-profit foundation, impartial and independent. HRC is building towards achieving a desired organization and engaging into constructive partnerships locally, regionally and internationally.

HRC is committed to honouring the human rights of every single person staying on our island, both the local islander as well as the non-resident visitor.

The sustainability of our organization is dependent on people, but also on subsidies, donations, heirs, legacies and all other acquisitions and assets. This is also the reason why we ask you to contribute to the cause our foundation advocates and those who require our services.

We count on you to act upon your humanitarian heart.

Other Options

Do you want to make a large donation? Or support a specific project?

Please contact Human Rights Caribbean, by emailing us to info@humanrightscaribbean.org or call +5999 513 86 72. We are more than willing to assist you in any way we can and will gladly respond to any queries you might have.

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Please take notice of the following banking details:
Bank Account: 31399604
Account Holder: Human Rights Caribbean Foundation
Bank Name: Maduro & Curiel’s Bank N.V.